Kikusui No Karakuchi Honjyozo Sake

Kikusui No Karakuchi Honjyozo Sake


Japanese Name: 菊水 の辛口 本醸造

The Kikusui No Karakuchi Honjyozo Sake has a captivating smoothness and crisp dry finish. Its medium body provides the perfect balance to any cuisine or meal, and makes it one of the most popular products in Niigata. Its versatility and balance also makes it enjoyable when served at different temperatures, from on the rocks to warmed.

Sake Grade Honjyozo
SMV +8
Alcohol 15-16%
Rice Polishing Ratio 70%
Prefecture Niigata
Volume 300 ML, 720 ML, 1.8 LTR
Food Pairing Meat, Seafood