The leading supplier of Japanese food and beverage, rice milling and event support services in Singapore and Malaysia


Our History

The word 誠 in our logo stands for sincerity and it is a value we have stood by since Makoto-Ya was established in 1992. We have grown from a distributor carrying just two products to today’s portfolio of over 1,000 different items across 200 different brands and labels.


Our Customers

Our quality products and dedicated service have led to close working relationships with leading hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, retail stores and e-commerce platforms.

We take the utmost pride in quality and efficiency. Our storage, distribution and delivery channels are equipped with the best resources to ensure that our products remain in optimum conditions.


Our Network

We have established a network of suppliers and partners around the world, enhancing our supply chain and providing quality and freshness to our customers.

In 2017, Makoto-Ya also opened up its first regional office Makoto House in Kuala Lumpur. Allowing us to bring our sincere service and quality products to the Malaysian market.

What We Do

At Makoto-Ya, we provide our customers with only the best – ranging from Japanese F&B products, liquor, quality rice milling, as well as event service support of all types.


We hold the sole distributorship license for many top alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage items, including for Sapporo Beer, sake, shochu and other beverages. With close working relationships with the makers and brewers, we also strive to bring across the latest labels from Japan best suited for the local market.

Food Products

We have over 1,000 food products in our portfolio, including for items such as shoyu, dashi, noodles and seasoning items. These food products are carried by many leading restaurants, hotels and supermarkets.

Rice Milling

At Makoto-Ya, we harvest and grow our own rice from the fields in Akita, and import them while kept under optimum conditions to preserve the freshness in each grain. They are then milled only upon orders, ensuring the highest quality for our customers.

Event Support Services

We also provide support for events and services for companies. These include celebrations such as opening ceremonies, company anniversaries, as well as ad-hoc sake tasting or pairing sessions.


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Awards and Recognition

Our work has been recognised by many institutions, and Makoto-Ya has also been recipient of many prestigious awards. We were awarded the 2021 and 2020 SME 500 Awards, the 2011 Singapore Brands Award, and the 2010 Successful Entrepreneur Award.

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