At Makoto-Ya, quality is paramount. Our in-house sommeliers maintain rigorous standards, ensuring excellence in both production and pairings for your establishment.

Meet the passionate experts behind our curated selection of Japanese sake and spirits. With profound knowledge, they elevate your establishment’s dining experience, offering personalised recommendations and insights, guiding you and your customers through the world of fine beverages.

Meet our Sommeliers


Leanne Ng

Head of Sales Singapore and Malaysia,
Sommelier Director

Having been in the Japanese sake and spirits industry for over 12 years, Leanne leads the team at Makoto-Ya in Singapore and Malaysia. With a strong passion for Japanese Food and Beverage, she aspires to connect and expand the Japanese drinking culture in the local scenes. Leanne also aims to bring back the origin of Japanese spirits with the global traction that it deserves.


Ow Yang Jian Hao

Master Sake Sommelier, International Kikisake-Shi, WSET Level 3 in Sake, Sake Scholar

In love with everything Japanese, Jian Hao was first exposed to Sake back in late 2021. He was instantly hooked and began diving deeper since. His love for Sake and Japanese culture ultimately culminated with him achieving the highest level of certification, and was awarded the title of Master Sake Sommelier in August 2022, a title which only less than 30 people around the world currently hold.

Training Sessions

Our trained sake sommeliers provide training for our customers, giving the chance to also educate your establishment’s staff to learn more about Japanese spirits and their intricacies.

They will run through specially-prepared materials, allowing both the cooking and waiting staff to learn more about the different types of sake, serving methods, pairing tips and recommendations.

Pairing Sessions

Sake pairing sessions at our partner restaurants can also be organised, be it for restaurant visitors, sake enthusiasts or your most esteemed VIP guests.

Through the curation of a sake-food pairing menu, our sake sommeliers also engage in a casual, live chat to provide an engaging way for the attendees to learn more about the types of sake and how they can be enjoyed and savoured in different ways through different types of cuisine.


Our sommeliers offer consultations for restaurants and bars, providing invaluable expertise in menu creations and pairing ideas.

Elevate your establishment’s offerings with personalised guidance and insights from our passionate experts. Benefit from their profound knowledge and refined palates to curate an unforgettable dining experience that perfectly complements your culinary vision.


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