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You can place your order of one Yebisu carton beer in any of the following participating platforms to receive a Yebisu Kanpai coupon

Redemption of Free Beer

  1. Physical coupons will be slotted into each Yebisu carton upon orders. 1 carton, 1 coupon!
  2. Upon receiving, scan the QR code on the coupon to view the list of participating outlets and the outlet’s respective promotions.
  3. You can select any one of the participating outlet to redeem their draught beer by giving the physical coupon to the outlet.

About Yebisu Premium Beer

The original rich taste of Yebisu Beer will delight your tastebuds. It is full-bodied and refreshing, thanks to the secret in brewing this Yebisu Premium Beer. Yebisu is brewed adhering to the Reinheitsgebot, Bavarian Purity Law, to deliver an authentic malt beer experience.

Makoto-Ya is the first distributor to introduce Yebisu Premium Draft Beer in Singapore.

Read more about Yebisu here!

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