What are the different types of shochu?

Ever wondered why the taste of shochu varies from one to another? Here’s why!

Shochu Ingredients

Ever wondered why the taste of shochu varies from one to another? Here's why!

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Shochu can be distilled from many different types of ingredients, and each kind of ingredient imparts a uniquely different taste to the shochu!

  • Rice (or kome) shochu has a fairly thick taste. The aroma of grain is similar to that of sake, which it shares its base ingredient with.
  • Sweet potato (or imo) shochu has a plump fragrance and soft sweetness. The distinctive taste and aroma is also best enjoyed while served hot.
  • Shochu distilled from barley (mugi) results in a light and mild taste. It is easy to drink, and if allowed to cask-age, the taste will be slightly reminiscent of single-malt whiskey!
  • Buckweat (or soba) shochu has a sweet, fruity aroma that lingers. It has a milder taste compared to mugi shochu, but with the same drinking ease!
  • Shochu distilled from brown sugar has a clean, dry taste. Contrary to what many believe, the resulting shochu is not as sweet as expected!

These are not all the types of shochu available, and there are still countless other types distilled from other types of ingredients – and you can’t say you’ve tried shochu until you’ve tried them all!


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