What are the different classifications of sake?

Don’t be intimidated by Japanese sake terms – here’s an easy guide to help you understand what they mean!

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Junmai Daiginjyo

  • Regarded as the highest grade of sake
  • Has a light, refined taste
  • Best enjoyed chilled

Junmai Ginjyo

  • Has its rice grains milled to at most 40% of its original size
  • Has a complex, fruity taste
  • Best enjoyed chilled


  • Pure rice, with no additives
  • Has a rich, full body
  • Best enjoyed either warm, or at room temperature


  • Sake added with brewer’s alcohol
  • Has a light, smooth taste
  • Easy to drink both warm or chilled

Nigori Sake

  • Sake is unfiltered, with rice solids still present
  • Is cloudy with a sweet taste
  • Best enjoyed cold

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