Why is Freshly Milled Japanese Rice Better?

Japanese Rice, freshly polished in Singapore | Makoto-Ya Singapore

Our rice field in Akita, Japan

Japanese Rice in Makoto-Ya

Did you know we harvest and grow our own rice from the fields in Akita, Japan? They are imported to Singapore while kept under optimum conditions, preserving the freshness in each grain. Japanese rice is known for its fragrant aroma and fluffy texture. We believe in retaining these traits and providing our customers with authentic tasting rice. This is why we have brought the milling process locally, closer to our customers.

Japanese rice in Singapore that is usually sold in supermarkets would have been milled and processed in Japan. It would take on an average of two months before it would be imported onto our shores. Thanks to our rice milling facilities here in Makoto-ya, we can reduce this process to as little as one week. Bringing you the authentic taste of Japan to you.

How is our Japanese rice polished

Benefits of freshly polished rice

Rice is known to have its best quality when it has just been milled. There are a few reasons as to why our beloved Japanese restaurants, hotels and our online customers have been coming back to us for more of our freshly polished Japanese rice.

  1. The flavour of rice deteriorates faster, the longer it sits in its already-polished state. This is why we believe in polishing our rice when it is ordered; doing so also seals in its nutrients for as long as possible before it ends up on the table.
  2. Freshly polished rice tastes great too! Its chewy, fluffy texture brings our rice’s subtle sweet aroma. Quality Japanese rice is ready to be savoured with all your favourite dishes.
  3. You know where, when and how your rice is milled. We carry out our rice milling process in 3 main steps, under careful supervision and hygiene assurance. Rest assured while you enjoy the great taste of rice.

Find out more about our rice milling process here. Get to know more about our rice: Niigata Koshi Hikari Rice, Akita Komachi Rice and Yume Obako Rice. Each bringing you a different kind of satisfaction to cater to your different cooking needs.

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