First Launch of Premium Yebisu Draught Beer in Singapore

In June 2022, Makoto-Ya officially launched Yebisu Draught Beer, marking the first time Yebisu Draught Beer has been launched in Singapore. Within this short period of time, Makoto-Ya has actively pushed for the widespread and rapid adoption of this unique beer through mass events such as the Yebisu Tasting Event and Prowine Singapore 2022

While most would be familiar with Yebisu Can Beer, having launched in June 2021, not many would be aware that it actually has a higher quality version of itself in the form of Yebisu Draught Beer. To serve Yebisu Draught Beer, it requires the operation of complex machinery and constant maintenance. Only when these aspects have been fulfilled, then can the highest quality of premium Yebisu Draught Beer be upheld when it is being served.

Introduction to Yebisu Draught Beer

Yebisu was born in 1890 with great ambitions to “brew the world’s best beer in Japan”. Yebisu is named after one of the seven Gods of Fortune, Ebisu, who is the god of happiness and business success.

In 1899, Yebisu opened the first beer hall in Japan. Located in Ginza, Tokyo, Yebisu was introduced to many people to allow prospective customers to try draught beer shipped straight from the brewery and to experience its quality for themselves. Just 10 years after its launch in the market, Yebisu won the gold award at the World Expo 1900 held in Paris, beating out many prestigious beer brands in Europe.

The original rich taste of Yebisu Beer will delight your taste buds. It is full-bodied and refreshing, thanks to the secret in brewing this Yebisu Premium Beer. Yebisu is brewed adhering to the Reinheitsgebot, Bavarian Purity Law, to deliver an authentic malt beer experience.

5 Features of Yebisu

With all that talk, some might be wondering, so what exactly is so special about Yebisu Draught Beer? Firstly, it has a phenomenal taste profile. Made from 100% malt and hops without using any additional ingredients, a longer aging process is required to bring out the flavor of the ingredients. This leads to a taste that is both rich and refreshing with a perfectly balanced body, neither too light nor too full. Yebisu beer is able to capture the best of all worlds and provide a harmonic blend in the mouth. 

On top of the taste, Yebisu beer also exudes a gorgeous aroma as a result of the Yebisu yeast. By pursuing a balance between the scent of carefully selected European malt and Bavarian aroma hops and the gorgeous scent of their signature Yebisu yeast, Yebisu beer has a deeper and more expansive flavor. 

Yebisu is able to pique all senses by delivering a rich and refined drinking experience along with its clear and vibrant golden color. After pouring the beer into a glass, a golden yet transparent view spreads through the glass.

There is also a rich sensation that can be found in Yebisu beer, this is known as “koku”. By aging Yebisu for a long period of time, it brings out the richness of 100% malt while also eliminating the unpleasant taste of bitterness. This also allows Yebisu beer to finish with a well-rounded taste.

While these remarkable qualities are present in Yebisu Draught Beer, it is also present in Yebisu Can Beer, so what sets these 2 seemingly similar drinks apart? Simply put, its foam. One can only achieve such high quality creamy white foam by using a CO2 pump. The degree of CO2 has to be set at 35 degrees and only trained technicians are able to achieve this delicious foam.

Serving Yebisu Draught Beer

The key to having a perfect cup of Yebisu Draught Beer is in the way it is served. Yebisu beer comes in a 10 liter keg. The temperature of the beer has to be maintained between 4-6℃ and the degree of the CO2 has to be at 35 degrees. The Yebisu glass that the beer is being served in also has to be dried naturally. Lastly, the momentum when tapping Yebisu Draught beer is crucial to create a nice creamy foam with a 3:7 foam to beer ratio. 

Only when all these considerations are in place, will you be able to prepare and enjoy the perfect cup of Yebisu Draught Beer. In fact, there are some outlets in Singapore who have already started serving premium Yebisu Draught Beer.

Learn More!

Keen to learn more about the Premium Yebisu Draught Beer? There is going to be a session on Yebisu Beer on September 7th at ProWine Singapore 2022 Singapore Expo Booth No. 1D9-01, be sure to pop by to learn more.

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